Cake Lace

My new favourite cake decorating tool is an amazing product called ‘Cake Lace’. I absolutely cannot wait to start decorating with it. It’s all the more spectacular considering it starts off life as a powder. It’s made with sugar and is totally edible and you can colour and flavour it.

I’m hoping to try making a pistachio cake covered in a honey buttercream in the next couple of weeks so thinking it would look positively gorgeous adorned with some cake lace. You can make it weeks (even months!) ahead and it will keep as long as you store it correctly. I’ve coloured it green so it will stand out amongst the white of the buttercream.



2 thoughts on “Cake Lace

  1. No, it comes in a two part formula – a powder and a liquid. You make it up to the exact measurements and add colour / flavouring if you want then you work it into a silicon mat and cure it in the oven.

    I’ve dusted it with cornflour and wrapped it between layers of greaseproof and clingflm – apparently it’ll keep for years this way!

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